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To install the spellchecker, follow these steps in the given order.

1 - Go to the "Releases" tab and download the latest version of the add-on to your computer.


2 - After downloading, open FireFox and click "Open File..." from the "File" menu.


3 - Browse to the location where you downloaded the file, select the file and click open. FireFox will ask for your permission to install the add-on, click "Install".


4 - FireFox may ask you to restart the browser. Restart, and you are done. If you want to verify that it installed correctly, click on FireFox Tools menu and select Add-ons...


5 - You should have the Urdu Dictionary at the end of the Add-ons list like the following.


*6 - When you are entering Urdu text, change the spell checker laguage to Urdu

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